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Why hire a freelance copywriter?

You want content that grabs your audience and doesn’t let go.


Good content is clear, interesting and relevant. It puts a spotlight on your brand, while making your target audience want to know more. Based on your story you bond with your next customer.

Call to action

Good content needs a call to action. Let your audience know what they need to do for you to help them.

What are you waiting for? Let’s meet, online or offline, to see if we click!

What your copywriter needs to know to tell your story.

As your copywriter we tell your story to your target audience. Therefore, we need to understand your audience as well as you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do other businesses gain by working with me?
Who am I?
What are my values?

The simple truth is; People do business with you and therefore your company.

Engaging copy drives action

In addition, engaging copy is creative, easy to read and contains a clear call-to-action. One that actually drives action.

What are you waiting for? Let’s meet to see if we click!

Ready for international expansion?

Well, are you? A professional translation of your website allows you to engage with visitors from other countries. It creates new international opportunities. Just make sure your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

Use a translator who is a copywriter

Business translations, when outsourced, often lack impact and your message is lost in translation. We said it: Use a translator that is a copywriter as well. Really!

content2click understands context. Your translations are to the point, precise and use the correct language for your goal. Your customers language. With a track record in legal, detailed procedural and commercial translations we not just translate, we co-create!

What’s in it for you?

The return is extensive. Growing into new markets. Cultural differences require different styles in writing. Our team offers translation services with the use of native speakers. Besides translation, we check the language used and optimise the content for search engines (SEO)!

We offer translation services for:
Spanish to Dutch
Spanish to English
English to Dutch
Dutch to English
English to Spanish
Other languages on demand.

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Ik heb een voorliefde voor de digitale wereld, maar weten als geen ander dat het gaat om de som der delen. Ik help bedrijven met vraagstukken op het gebied van digitale marketing en communicatie, van branding tot performance.

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